/ShakeDown Redux - Allan McNish F1 Preview / ScoreCard

Before the 2014 season started, we Skyped a chat with Mr. McNish, now part of the team doing BBC F1 coverage, to get his insights into - How the Hybrid cars will drive and race [he has such experience via his Audi etron quattro LMP1 seat-time], How the team and racers rank, AND Which 'Young Guns' are worth the watch. » 5/09/14 7:38am 5/09/14 7:38am

Secret Ford Race Cars [That Ken Block Didn't Video...Yet]

Leo Parente and /ShakeDown kick-start a list of Ford race cars that were NOT in the limelight like the Ford GT, the Lotus-Ford F1 and Indy cars, Ken Block Fiestas, NASCAR Fords, RS200 Group B, and others. Ford Racing spawned so many other projects and prototypes. Not always successful [otherwise they would have been… » 2/28/14 3:20pm 2/28/14 3:20pm