GT-R LMP1-H Changes Everything You Think You Know About Racing

I gave a speech to the august Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society in NYC on February 10, 2015. Turns out 'a few people' liked it. » 2/13/15 2:38pm 2/13/15 2:38pm

5 GT-R LMP1-H Questions With Nissan's Darren Cox

I spoke with Mr. Cox, in preparation for a speech I was asked to do - The Front-Engine FWD 4WD Nissan NISMO Hybrid Le Mans Race Car UNSETTLES Everything You Think You Know About Racing [Transcript will be posted to /ShakeDown in the next days]. » 2/09/15 9:06am 2/09/15 9:06am

BE The Nissan GT-R LMP1 Super Bowl Advertising Creative Director!

Let's play a game with Nissan advertising and the NISMO Le Mans race car. » 1/31/15 6:38pm 1/31/15 6:38pm

HOW The FWD 4WD Front-Motor Nissan GT-R LMP1-H Will Drive And Race. got the Nissan NISMO GT-R LMP1-H images. » 1/29/15 3:00am 1/29/15 3:00am

2015 Ford F150 - Truck On or Truck Off?

Is the new Ford F150 ON target as a great truck or OFF? » 1/03/15 8:45am 1/03/15 8:45am

/ShakeDown University - The Curriculum​

2015 starts now. As does the pre-season focus on your racing plans and preparations. Compiled here are more-than-a-few videos from 2 years of /ShakeDown University Racing Skills Training. » 1/01/15 4:04pm 1/01/15 4:04pm

AMG Mercedes-Benz F1 Team At Spa Proves Verstappen Ready For F1

Axis of Oversteer gives you the tools to analyze and assess what happened between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the 2014 Spa F1 race. » 8/24/14 1:08pm 8/24/14 1:08pm

Pebble Beach / Monterey Via The Internet

Let's cover the attention-grabbing cars of the 2014 Concours and Motorsports Reunion from right here - My NYC sofa. Because a] I'm not good at begging for OEM invites and b] There's that whole 'After /DRIVE' thing for me. So, I won't be on-site. But nbd, bfd, omfg, imo, I screwed up! What's the emoji for THAT? » 8/13/14 6:47pm 8/13/14 6:47pm

Even The Most Basic Racing Is A Total Mind And Body Experience

Racing is never simple. That's an old adage that always rings true. But even in a series that's relatively easy to get into, like the Pirelli World Challenge, the amount of thought that goes into being the slightest bit faster than everyone else takes skill. As you can see here. » 8/13/14 7:52am 8/13/14 7:52am

Head [Hands, Feet, Eyes, Ass, Balls] In A Pirelli World Challenge Fiat…

Now that every Internet writer seems to be racing, got to give you something different - Especially since I didn't win! So, let's talk about WHAT you think about WHEN you race. » 8/09/14 1:56pm 8/09/14 1:56pm

No Crying In Baseball, No Rust In Racing! How To Make A Comeback Not…

The Pirelli World Challenge series, Fiat USA, Pirelli Tire, and SRT Motorsports thought it a great idea to give me an inside look at SCCA Pro Racing from the seat of this Fiat 500 TCB car at Mid-Ohio July 31-Aug 2. » 7/25/14 4:27pm 7/25/14 4:27pm