/ShakeDown University - The Curriculum​

2015 starts now. As does the pre-season focus on your racing plans and preparations. Compiled here are more-than-a-few videos from 2 years of /ShakeDown University Racing Skills Training. » 1/01/15 4:04pm 1/01/15 4:04pm

Even The Most Basic Racing Is A Total Mind And Body Experience

Racing is never simple. That's an old adage that always rings true. But even in a series that's relatively easy to get into, like the Pirelli World Challenge, the amount of thought that goes into being the slightest bit faster than everyone else takes skill. As you can see here. » 8/13/14 7:52am 8/13/14 7:52am

Mind Of WTCC Salzburgring Qualifying Is Mindless.

WTCC racer, Tom Coronel, gives his explanation of Slipstreaming for Qualifying. OK. But, then with everyone thinking the same, watch Idiocracy rule. THIS is what racing has become? » 5/18/13 4:31pm 5/18/13 4:31pm

Bottom 10 ShakeDowns Still Worth Watching?

/DRIVE showcased their Top 10 Most-Watched 2012 Videos. Here are the 10 ShakeDown auto racing shows that were LEAST viewed. You decide if you made the right choice ignoring them [as you were busy digesting drifting, behind-the-wheel giggling, or just giving zero-f**ks]. » 4/17/13 2:13pm 4/17/13 2:13pm

Jim Clark Forever

In my opinion, there are 2 classes of racing enthusiasts. Those that know and respect the virtues of Jim Clark. And those that don't know 'what the hell I'm talking about'. » 4/07/13 10:14am 4/07/13 10:14am

How To Shift A Real Car

Always a big fan of Max Papis. Here he pedals a NASCAR Nationwide road-course race car and shows us all how to rev-match shifts, gear-match brake-zones and heel-toe [starting at 2:11 in the vid]. Hoping Alexander Rossi takes notes. » 4/07/13 5:26am 4/07/13 5:26am

Would You Watch Sim Racing vs Real Racing?

OK, now that NASCAR is about to get hit with a flurry of "The Call" comments about Danica's Daytona 500 Pole, damning them to 'fixing results better than a Soccer-loving Singapore shadow-figure', or too many carboys commenting that real racing is "too professional / too manipulated", and / or blah-blah-freakin'-blah… » 2/17/13 4:57pm 2/17/13 4:57pm

Behind the scenes at Caterham F1

Cold winter months usually conjure up thoughts of snow, log fires crackling and putting up your feet... Not in Formula One, where teams are hard at work developing the cars to shave hundredths of a second from their lap time in order to battle for next year's title. » 2/11/13 11:31am 2/11/13 11:31am