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BE The Nissan GT-R LMP1 Super Bowl Advertising Creative Director!

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Let's play a game with Nissan advertising and the NISMO Le Mans race car.

BEFORE the big Super Bowl preview of the Nissan NISMO GT-R LMP1 debut.

That's right. I'm asking YOU to guess HOW Nissan will unveil Godzilla to the world.


What do you think the ad storyline will be to get the audience to the showing of this radical new "Innovation That Excites" race car?

YOU are now the Nissan Advertising Creative Director. Open your mind, dress eclectically, speak in abstracts, get friggin' creative.


* Go 'Beast Mode' with the B-Roll. 'Do Your Job' with the storyboard. [Super Bowl references!]

PS - This is not a PAID post, I have no affiliation with Nissan. Just extremely intrigued on how this will unfold. And curious what you guys want and are expecting. So.....


To frame your thoughts, here's what we know -

* Nissan bought 90 seconds of ad time. Originally, they committed to 60 secs, then upped it another 30. But, we don't know if it's one big 90 sec spot or a 60 / 30 split of 2 ads or 3 30's.


* The campaign is titled #WithDad. In Nissan's words........

"We recognize the difficult task of balancing work and life for families everywhere. That is why we're proud to share a new ad and story on 2/1 during the big football game. Join us in celebrating being ‪#‎withdad‬ until then:"


* The #WithDad homepage is -


* The Nissan FaceBook page is -


* The 13 second teaser ad Nissan is showing is this -

* BUT, there is also THIS out on the Internet -

OK, enough briefing.

How do you think Nissan is going to twist all this into the NISMO Godzilla GT-R LMP1 advertising debut? Go!


PS - If the kid goes from womb to IMSA Contintental Tire Sports Car Challenge 370Z directly to a Le Mans GT-R LMP1, a] I want that Dad to be MY Dad, b] I want a Nissan!

UPDATE - Here's the ad that ran. Guess the song WAS the tip-off to the storyline.

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