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Do You Want To Know The Recipe Of Racing?

So, here’s the Motorsport Question of the Day - Do you want to know the details on how the ‘chefs prepare the feast’ [eg; the facts behind the Business, Marketing, Rules-Making of Racing] OR are you happy just enjoying the ‘meal’ / watching the Racing?

* Recent media muck-ups about IMSA and IndyCar, for example, opened the door to the reality that Racing is Sport, Business, and Marketing [Not just cars and racers out there by some magical happen-stance].


* And those 3 disciplines [Sport, Business, Marketing] are always in the mix as to how and why Racing does what it does.

* Some fan comments seems to forget [or worse are led by media / PR to ignore] that fact.

But, the question remains - Do you care to know how racing really works? OR just want the finished ‘recipe’ to satisfy you.

eg; Who cares how the pig was off’ed, “I love this Jambala!”.

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