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Does American Media Really Think Auto Racing Is Still 1960's NASCAR?

This Nissan Motorsport / Darren Cox interview is ‘stunning’ in so many ways! I want to assume the Automotive News reporter was asking the questions in a certain style for a reason [or is the Automotive-Reporting Industry THIS detached from Auto Racing?].


But, the ‘stunning’ bits to the interview were [Note - Reporter’s words in “quotes”] -

  • How can Nissan’s racing message work in US since “Americans are used to NASCAR”? !
  • Isn’t racing still all about “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday”? !!
  • How will Nissan Motorsport translate to American retailing? eg; “Will we see racecar posters in a Nissan dealership in Iowa?” !!!
  • “Nissan is selecting young drivers based on their gaming skills. I find that hard to grasp. Some of them are only experienced driving on their sofa.” !!!! - Mother of God - !!!!

BUT, Cox handled it all with aplomb.

AND one of his most thought-provoking comments was that FIVE MILLION PEOPLE / RACING FANS signed up via GT Academy.


To that, I share the folliowing additional facts -

  • Every Gran Turismo video game release sells from TEN to FIFTEEN Million copies.
  • Over 500 Million Video Driving / Racing Games are in the hands of mainstream audiences [eg; sales of Forza, F1, Colin Mcrae, and yes even Mario Karts, Need for Speed, etc, etc....].
  • #1 - The ranking of GranTurismo series [72MM to date] of all Sony PlayStation games.
  • #4 - The ranking of Driving / Racing Games, by genre, in total video game sales.
  • #5 - The ranking for the #1 Driving / Racing Game in the Top 20 of All Time Game Sales.

BTW- These Video Driving Game #’s surpass TV Viewership and Fan Attendance of many racing series.


  • Which comes first in creating a racing fan - Introduction to the Sport itself?
  • OR reaching them through the digital tools of Sim, Video, Forums, Chat?

Or maybe the reporter nailed it - MORE Posters!

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