Falken, Hankook, Nitto, Yokohama, and a few other tires make Formula Drift their racing 'home'. It starts this weekend, April 12-13, for 2013.

Falken and Yokohama made the jump to other motorsport and, as such, will do BOTH weekends of TGPLB racing.

Point is, at what point in time does it make sense for a tire brand [or any product / brand, for that matter] to do the same? Is it just a budget decision that limits reach? OR do 'Image', 'Audience', 'ROI' and all those other marketing-speak elements limit perspective?


Honestly in my opinion, IF your product has a diverse appeal, a single niche [FDrifters, don't get pissed. NOT insulting you] is bad. See Falken, RedBull, GoPro, etc. for details on success 'going big'.....

BTW, if Corvette C7 wants 'younger', does it need to FDrift [See :52 seconds in] AND USR?

And as TO $ budget being the limiting 'reason'? - a] Welcome to racing! If you want / need to do 'cheap'.....You picked the wrong sport!, b] As with everything, if the deal is 'too good', it usually AIN'T good, and c] As in everything else, you get what you pay for!


So, the question always is, in racing and beyond - How successful do you want to be?

Wow, I kinda 'drifted' myself, in this post here! Comments?