First, prayers / best wishes for recovery to all the fans injured at the Daytona NASCAR Nationwide Cup race.  And same for their families. 

Second, thoughts must go out TO the racers.  Yes, the safety devices kept them out of harms way. And in post-race interviews they voiced themselves professionally with concern for the fans and respect for NASCAR....... But, the racers know their job-site is unnecessarily extra-dangerous.

The #32 car lifted-off because two other cars [#2 and #31] in a restrictor-plate, aero-required tandem draft, felt they had no choice but to NOT lift off the gas.  So, #2/ #31 hit the spinning #32 at full speed popping the white car airborne.  

In NASCAR, if you lift you lose so much momentum - So, you don't. Especially on the last lap, with the checker flag in view, and cars in front of you spinning.  Meaning you can move up.  For more $$ and more Championship Points.  

"You play to win the game." said NFL'er Herm Edwards.  Football's not racing, yet racers know what Herm means.  But, this 'can't lift' mentality forced upon these racers is a perversion of that mindset.


'No Lift' creates the 'Big One' crashes.  The low noses and high tails of these racecars lift the cars off the track when they hit each other.  All those Pagani Huayra-like cowl / roof flaps, plus the NASCAR roof / rear deck barge boards keep the cars on the ground when they spin on their own - It's the crashes while pack racing that create the 'Lift-Off' danger.

The solutions are out there.  Auto Racing Engineering has always been about constant improvement - It used to be just to find more Speed [and Efficiency. You know, always lighter weight, always more power / mileage from each gallon / liter of fuel].  

But, the evolution of human civility [or maybe more crassly the pressures of Marketing $] has added Safety to the Constant Improvement List.  


Be it better fences, restrictor plates, racing rules that [finally] penalize blocking or whatever, with the right commitment and resources, No-Lift and Lift-Off can be fixed.

To make it safer for the fans.  They come to stand and cheer, not duck and cover.