Porsche returns to the LM24 top category in 2014. Like their older days, eg; 1971. Those cars, that action, captured in this video were historic and historical. Make sure you catch all the tech details Porsche shares here.

The light-weight mag chassis [it won the race], the revised K-decks with a soft aero curve and tail fins for stability, the hyper high-speed long-tails. The flat-12 engine air-scoops - Tested, but never raced. Ever. The Pink Pig. All, oh so Porsche-cool.

In fact, so many stellar cars in the 1971 field, Porsche and otherwise.

For 2014 P1 class, vs Audi, Toyota, and maybe more, one can only hope Porsche wows us again with levels of tech, aero, and engineering that make us say - 'Now, THAT's a Porsche'.

And yes, it's THAT Helmut Marko, today's IRBR F1 "I Love Vettel" Director of.......