Road & did a very nice post job showcasing the minimal margins from 'brilliant' to 'wtf' racing an IndyCar. Study the contrasts.

The new Road & Track posted a fine story on the closeness of IndyCar - both in the cars and the driving talent. And breaks down how seemingly spec cars can be made to travel at different speeds.

But, R&T also puts forth the premise the the speed differences are miniscule. The tenths of a second lap-time difference between Will Power on the left and JR Hildebrand on the right was 22 grid spots!

IndyCar. Yes, I wish the side pods and the ladder front wings looked less [something!] and more race car modern / esthetic.


Sure, Ganassi is motivationally burning on Honda for NOT being closer to Chevy. But, all-in-all there is little denying the 2013 action IS close. And the driving has been better.