/DRIVE showcased their Top 10 Most-Watched 2012 Videos. Here are the 10 ShakeDown auto racing shows that were LEAST viewed. You decide if you made the right choice ignoring them [as you were busy digesting drifting, behind-the-wheel giggling, or just giving zero-f**ks].

Although the Top ShakeDowns didn't make the /DRIVE Top 10, hundreds of thousands of you liked the Nurburgring24 show [385,000 views], the RedBull F1 in NJ show [306,000], the Spa24 visit [146,000], and others.

Plus, interviews with the likes of Ken Block, Allan McNish, Ulrich Baretsky / Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, and others. And all the other eclectic ShakeDown stuff we like to do [eg; 'Kimi's Words Will Change Your Life'], as found on the ShakeDown PlayList [over 100 shows in 2012].

And while many ShakeDown's got 50,000 views or so, these 10 did significantly worse. But, worth ignoring?

#10 - Valencia F1

#9 - TED ShakeDown

#8 - World's Best Racing News

#7 - Long Beach Track Walk

#6 - IndyCar Champion Interview

#5 - Carroll Shelby Tribute

#4 - What's Right and Wrong With American Racing

#3 - Viper Racing Rumors

#2 - WRC And Race Car Branding

And the #1 Least Viewed ShakeDown - Opinions on ALMS / Grand-Am Consolidation