Think about it this way - We have NO CHOICE but for Danica to succeed. And it IS 'for the kids'. This line from a NY Times story says it all - "The young daughters of the veteran drivers Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards all wanted to meet Patrick."

Now think about THIS. USA Today suggests Danica may have beat herself in the 2013 Nationwide Race. She thought her engine blew, so she decided to pull the car into the garage instead of pit lane, to let her crew diagnose the problem.

The best tool a racer has is his / her brain. Ricky Bobbys don't often win, thinkers win more. Not talking book-smart, although Mark Donahue being a college grad engineer didn't hurt him. Talking about - 1] Processing Data like Dale Sr., 2] Situational Awareness ala Tony Stewart, 3] Controlled Mindset aka Alain Prost, 4] Mental Confidence like....OK. Every successful racer.

Over the next 500 miles, her job in this writer's considered opinion, is to show us all a few things - * 'Thinking Danica' in the race, in the draft, in traffic, and with her team, * Jenson Button-like wheel work / No nervous hands, * Kimi-calmness on the radio.


'Thinking Danica' will be the best Danica. For the sport, for the fans, for herself, and for the kids. Then, we can all shut up and go back to focusing on the racing.

See? The mind IS a beautiful thing.