United SportsCar Racing, as you know by now, is the name of the consolidation of two main North American sports car racing entities. But, I had a better name?

Starting in 2014, the American Le Mans Series and Grand-Am will become United SportsCar Racing. USR, as I abbreviate it. Or USCR as others have.

But, before it was announced and before Jalopnik.com publicized that one Bob Pockrass found the 'United Sportscar Racing' trademark filing and the happy helmet logo....

ShakeDown here on kinja took a shot at some suggested names. Gave 5 options. All in jest. But, #3 got sooo close -


3] SCRU - Sports Car Racing United

Wonder why they didn't go with the words in THAT order?......

Barry - "Where ya going this weekend, Bob?"

Bob - "Up to Watkins Glen to SCRU. Scott Pruett, Wayne Taylor, Scott Sharp, and Scott Tucker will all be there."


Barry - "Sounds more like a Scott-fetish gang bang? Well, except for that Wayne guy. Does your wife know what you're doing?"

Bob - "Oh yeah. I've taken her to see those guys and SCRU before."

Barry - "More info than I need, Bob! And by the way, keep your kids off my lawn."